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Snap Ring Wire Snap Ring Wire
Many wire types are used for these applications, including hard-drawn wire (no post processing after shaping), annealed wire and oil-tempered wire.  Tokusen’s capabilities allow production of various cross-sectional shapes and characteristics to meet the highest customer expectations.
Wave Ring WireWave Ring Wire

As with other products, Tokusen provides different wire characteristics allowing production of complex design requirements of the customer.

Cotter Pin WireCotter Pin Wire

Tokusen’s shaping technology allows complex, wedge shapes to be formed.  These wedge shape designs are processed by the customer, creating Cotter Pins or other devices.

Spring WireSpring Wire
With Tokusen’s shaping technology, special cross-sections are created enabling enhanced spring components at significantly reduced weights.  The wire is hardened and tempered to ensure outstanding strength and straightness with high elastic and yield points to endure high fatigue applications.
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