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Guidewire Guidewires

Tokusen is a leading developer of ultra-fine wires thanks to its technologically advanced and highly reliable drawing technology.  We manufacture wires to our customers’ specifications for guidewires, in a variety of diameters, thickness, lengths, and stiffness. We produce both conical and cylindrical-shaped wires with constant or variable tapers.  We also have the expertise to make custom wires for your specific guidewire requirements.

Stent Metal Catheters and Stents

Tokusen manufactures wires made from Nitinol (Nickel/Titanium metal alloy) or stainless steel in round or flat configurations to suit your specific catheter requirements.  We also produce cobalt alloy, Nitinol, platinum, and stainless steel wires for stent applications. Variety, using your technical specifications!

Embolic Coil Microcatheters, Microcoils and Embolic coils

Our contract manufacturing and engineering expertise consistently provides unmatched support to our customers to produce wire components with micron-level precision.  Experience this high precision with our stainless steel, platinum, or tapered Nitinol wires that are used in guidewires, microcatheters, and embolic coil applications, to name a few. Contact Us to learn more about our services.

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