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Spring Wire

With Tokusen’s shaping technology, special cross-sections are created enabling high spring characteristics that allow reduced weight components.  The wire is hardened and tempered ensuring outstanding strength and straightness with high elastic and yield points to endure fatigue resistance.

Dot Pins
With Tokusen’s advanced technology in drawing and heat treatment, pins can be manufactured to be extremely rigid and to be able to withstand over 400 million impact cycles.  Tokusen leads the dot pin market and is capable of producing step and head shaped pins as well.
Ultrafine Wire

Tokusen is leading the way in wire drawing technology..  We offer High Carbon Steel wire with diameters as low as 0.009mm and Stainless Steel with diameters as low as 0.012mm.  These materials are used in a variety of applications where high precision, strength and functionality are required.

Textile Wire
Tokusen textile and needle wire offers a high degree of formability, uniform hardenability and toughness.  These wires are used in a variety of applications, including fishing hooks, needles  and other industrial or household applications.
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