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Nano Flake Nano Flake

Tokusen Flakes are a mono-crystalline structure and are thin and flat with a narrow size distribution.  Customers will achieve improved printability, resolution, conductivity, reflectivity and quality with a low melting point (150-250°C).  Products are available from 300nm to 12µm in size.  Visit www.tokusennano.com for more information.

Ag Metal Ink Ag Metal Ink

The solution has a spherical particle size of 10-30nm with a 50% concentration by weight.  The viscosity is 10-30cps and the curing temperature is < 200°C.  Our product has the utmost uniformity, stability and will achieve electrical resistivity of less than 3.3µΩ*cm.  Visit www.tokusennano.com for more information.

TiO2 TiO2

Tokusen has developed the manufacturing process for making both Rutile and Anatase Titanium Dioxide. For Rutile, both Spherical and Fiber type particles are available. For Anatase, we offer Spherical, Fiber and Needle-shaped particles.

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